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Johnson City Investigation; acquittal of the primary charge of participation in an organisation whose object it was to commit terrorist offences and/or acts facilitating or preparing the commission of terrorist offences in accordance with the request of the Advocate General and pleaded by the defence. Acquittal of the alternative charge of complicity in participation in a terrorist organisation because it cannot be established that the intention of the accused was to aid and abet in the participation of others in the charged terrorism or in the criminal organisation (here implicitly in the alternative). Proven charge in the further alternative of transferring a large quantity of ammunition, namely 1595 cartridges. Reasonable term exceeded. PS 6 months, with credit for the time spent in pre-trial detention, of which 4 months suspended, with an operational period of two years as well as community service for a term of 120 hours, alternatively 60 days prison custody.



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